Together, we are the Browns, a dynamic sibling partnership with a decade-long journey in the realms of writing, directing, and producing. From crafting independent short films and documentaries to delving into the world of audio production, our mission is to craft narratives that possess enduring power and resonance.
Our creative essence is deeply intertwined with the values of family, love, and interpersonal connections. With a shared goal to illuminate the intricacies of life, we strive to inspire, uplift, and provide purpose through our storytelling.
Brittani Brown is an accomplished audio and video producer, writer, director, and editor, serving as the founder and CEO of BarbaraJean Productions, LLC.
Brittani's journey in the entertainment industry began in Washington, D.C., where she worked for BET Networks. This early experience ignited her passion for the world of entertainment, setting her on a path of creativity and innovation.
Throughout her career, Brittani has demonstrated her talent and versatility as a storyteller. She has written, directed, edited, and produced several short films, including "The Melanin King Project" (2014) and "Door 309" (2019). Notably, her award-winning short film "The Fruit it Bears" (2022) garnered widespread acclaim and caught the attention of industry giants such as BET and REVOLT at the 2022 Pan African Film Festival.
Continuing her creative pursuits, Brittani has two upcoming short films in the pipeline: "I Deleted the App" and "The Fruit it Bears II" (2024).
In addition to her work in film, Brittani has also made significant contributions to the podcasting world. She has produced several podcasts, including "Getting Even with Anita Hill," "Beyond the Last Dance," a Michael Jordan story, and "Ways to Win" with Craig Robinson and John Calipari, among others.
Brittani's dedication to storytelling and her commitment to excellence make her a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, shaping narratives that resonate with audiences and inspire change.
Rodney Brown Jr. is an accomplished writer, producer, and director based in New York City, where he is a vital part of BarbaraJean Productions.
His journey in the entertainment industry began with roles at Viacom and BET, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience. However, it was his venture into filmmaking that truly distinguished him. Drawing on his background in management consulting at McKinsey & Company, Rodney seamlessly blends creativity with analytical problem-solving to propel BJP to new heights.
Rodney's passion for cinema was sparked during high school when he reluctantly assumed the role of Macbeth in a school play. Little did he know, this experience would ignite a lifelong dedication to acting and filmmaking.
Notable among Rodney's accomplishments is his creation of a short film that received widespread acclaim, earning BJP four prestigious awards, including Best Actor and Best Original Story for "The Fruit It Bears" (2022). The film captivated audiences at the 2022 Pan African Film Festival and caught the attention of industry titans such as BET and REVOLT.
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